Capabilities - DC Auto Body
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Paint Work

We’ll match your vehicle’s original paint every time!


All doors and panels get prepped for primer. We tape the vehicle up, prime it, then sand the primer smooth. Once the car is bagged in plastic, the magic begins—sealer, base coat, clear coat. Any dirt or orange peel (depending on finish) will be wet sanded. Our finishing touch? A full buff with our state of the art buffer, then a detail.


We make sure everything is properly done to get that smooth mirror-glass finish you’re looking for.

Custom Colors

Want to to stand out? We offer a variety of chameleon colors (sometimes known as ‘flip flop’ colors) that are fully customizable. Also available are custom candies (a base of bright silver covered with a tinted, colored clear coat) as well as big flakes (metallic specks in your paint job will shimmer in the sun). Stop by for pricing!

DC Auto Body Buffing Capabilities

Buffing & Wet Sanding

We’ll fix any bad paint job whether it be excessive orange peel, dirt nibs/grit, runs or drips.


Our state of the art buffer provides a perfect, swirl free finish. Wet sanding is an ideal way to work out most minor scratches and minimize bigger ones. Touch up paint is available.

Body Work - DC Auto Body Sanding a Car

Body Work

Ranging from deep scratches, dents, rust, collision work, heavy duty frame work, panel patching welding, brass braising, aluminum work, and after market parts installation. Scratches can usually be wet sanded or buffed, however, deep scratches that can’t will be feathered out and fixed with sandpaper. Our thorough preparation process starts with grinding, pulling metal, and spraying down a rust preventative (depending on the situation). From there, we sand, apply body filler, then sand again to smooth.


The DC Autobody team is well equipped to tackle any body damage you may have—feel free to simply send us an email with photos to start the process!


Starting with RNI (remove and install), our team reviews the panel and sees what the damage is. If it’s more surface level, we grind it out. If it’s rusted through, we’ll cut off the area and weld in a new metal. Before welding, rust preventative spray is applied to ensure the rust stops spreading. After welding, we grind down the area, fix up the front with bondo and the back side with sealer (panel bond). Our last step is to cure for a full day and cover with under coat for a second layer of protection.


Where our passion lies. We can do anything from a minor touch up to full frame off restoration with a guaranteed high level of detail and precision. Whatever your goals or budget may be, we’ll come up with a solution that fits your situation. Got something sitting in your garage collecting dust or want to bring back memories from your early years? Bring it in and we’ll take a look!